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Nadoz Greenz is founded by Hamna Ghauri in 2011.

Nadoz Greenz is located at NetSol Avenue Main Ghazi Road Cantt Lahore.

Step 1
Order is placed on Nadoz Greenz website.
Step 2
Order will be verified for accuracy and confirmed by our representative.
Step 3
Order will be dispatched to the customer.
Step 4
Quality herbs, salads & vegetables delivered at the comfort of your preferred delivery location.

It might occur to people that eating organic food must be a status symbol since everyone keeps talking about it but there’s so much more that human beings need to know about organic food. The importance of organic food can easily be judged by the fact that:

1. Organic food is free from all the chemicals and pesticides which are used in conventional farming.
2. Organic food tastes better than conventional foods.
3. Organic food has more nutrients that include; minerals, vitamins, enzymes. It has been proven by research that organic food provides nutrients that conventional food fails to provide.
4. It makes environment ecofriendly and reduces pollution protecting the soil and water.

Choose a category and pick any item(s) you’d like to order. Review and submit your order through the shopping cart. Your order will be sent to one of our representatives after you proceed to the checkout and submit your order. Once the order is placed, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Currently only cash on delivery is available.