About Us

Nadoz Greenz grows a wide selection of organic herbs, salads & vegetables and is
committed to using sustainable farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities & animal welfare.


Become leading producer of organic herbs, salads & vegetables with a promise to provide the high quality of produce which exceeds our customers expectations!


Our facility is compliant to all standards pertaining organic farming. We pay special attention to our water, soil and fertilizers to serve you with the best.


We produce the finest quality of organically farmed herbs, vegetables and salads. Our produce is free of GMO, harmful pesticides and other artificial fertilizers.


The process used at Nadoz Greenz is very simple. Use the best seeds, ensure the water is clean, make sure the soil is right & no pesticide is used in the process.

Our Farm & Farmers

Nadoz Greenz

Our farm, Nadoz Greenz, is an organic farm that is located at Bedian 15 kilometers from Cantt Lahore.  Modern agriculture often comes with its harmful methods, hence we realized the niche for quality organic produce the way that nature intended it to be. At our farm, we have created such an environment which is perfect for growing 100% organic herbs, salads and vegetables.

Our farmers take special care to select and grow specific herbs where exceptional quality is the prime focus. With our commitment to quality and eco-friendly state-of-the-art farming practices, we ensure that our customers always get the best produce.


Changing lifestyles, high fat and carbohydrate related food intake, withdrawal from natural environment and lack of a healthy routine led to the concept of Nadoz Greenz. Aim was to go decades back and provide for this generation a healthy  and chemical free diet to the people of Pakistan. Nadoz Greenz was created by Hamna Ghauri after having conducted extensive research & studies. Food items produced by Nadoz Greenz have come to be associated with quality, exceeding most international standards. Nadoz Greenz, after firmly establishing itself within the household consumer segment is now rapidly penetrating into the commercial segment, where top hotels and restaurants are becoming its loyal customers.

Nadoz Greenz started back in 2011 and became one of the pioneers in organic farming in Pakistan. When she started out, Hamna Ghauri wanted to build a brand with an aim to provide natural, nutritious food; food grown without synthetic & potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides & fertilizers.